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Treatment Philosophy

Beginning mental health treatment can be daunting at first. You may have questions or even feel uncomfortable about speaking with someone. You may not even believe therapy can help address your difficulties. Here at Essential Services, this therapist has had experience addressing these questions and has employed a guiding style that is supportive of clients in their quest to find answers. This therapist can help you do the same by providing care that is unique to you, empowering and respectful of your needs. Whether you are here reading this for yourself or for someone you love, you have come to the right place. Now, please take the next step and allow us to assist you in coming up with the best ways to address your needs.


Every client is unique in terms of the reasons they seek treatment and the results they get. Therefore, this therapist uses a client centered approach that prioritizes where the client is in their treatment journey or where they would like to begin. Depending on why the client seeks help, this therapist employs empirically supported treatments that have been tried and tested to address specific conditions; for example Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety; Cognitive Processing Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Motivational Interviewing for Substance Use problems and so on.


When it comes to how relationships with clients are formed, this therapist uses a team approach ( you the client and me) as this shows respect for the client's autonomy and leads to building the best therapeutic relationships. This therapist believes that as the client, you know best how your symptoms impact you and so your input in your treatment is crucial. Unaddressed mental health and substance use problems lead to significant impairment in functioning and can compound medical and other issues you may have. Therefore, treating your mental health condition/s is extremely important. This therapist has had significant experience over the last 16 years doing just that and is here to listen and support you on your journey. Beginning treatment can be difficult and this may not even be your first time doing so. What matters is that you are here now because you want to try again, so lets do it. Please reach out and we will take this next step into treatment together. Thank you. 

Our Team

Treatment Approaches

This therapist uses multiple treatment approaches depending on the client's presenting problem/s. These approaches are chosen after thorough assessments are completed, where necessary information about the client is gathered. Sometimes, a combination of these approaches are employed in treating the same client. This happens when the client presents with multiple difficulties that need addressing; for example when the client has both mental health and substance abuse problems. In every instance however, treatments that are chosen are ones that have been tried and tested, empirically supported and can be adapted to take into consideration the client's cultural background and other needs. This therapist has significant experience treating clients suffering from Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Bipolar, Substance Abuse and other disorders. Approaches that this therapist has used have included Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Exposure Therapy and other forms of therapy depending on the client symptom presentation.  

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